Interior lining

Your 2CV and Dyane body shell well ánd nicely protected on the inside. For a finishing touch on the inside of the body check out our interior lining and accessories.

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  1. Lining kit upper body 2CV, with quarter window
    SKU: A1.3121
  2. Lining kit upper body 2CV, without quarter window
    SKU: A1.3120
  3. Lining kit upper body Dyane, with quarter window
    SKU: A1.3119
  4. Lining kit bulkhead 2CV, 8-piece
    SKU: A1.3122
  5. Lining kit bulkhead 2CV, 6-piece
    SKU: A1.3123
  6. Sunvisor screen grey right
    SKU: A1.3194
  7. Sunvisor screen grey left
    SKU: A1.3193
7 Items |