Although the 2CV prefers to drive in the sun and for most of us it will be more of a summer car, with the current climate change nothing is certain anymore. So a working heater in your classic car will never hurt to blow that condensation off your windows. No more torn paper heat dissipation with our newly developed heat escape rubbers for 2CV, Ami and Dyane. In addition, you can get forever rid of a rusted heater control, from now on it is available at Burton 2CV Parts in stainless steel.  

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  1. Heat escape tube rubber 2CV
    SKU: A1.8912
  2. Heat escape tube rubber Dyane/Ami
    SKU: A1.8914
  3. Heater control stainless steel 2CV
    SKU: A1.8105
  4. Heater control kit
    SKU: A1.8100
  5. Heater tube set 2CV complete
    SKU: A1.9150
  6. Heater tube set 2CV (2x long tube, 1x short tube)
    SKU: A1.8903
  7. Rubber gaiter for heat escape tube
    SKU: A1.8913
  8. Heat escape tube cardboard
    SKU: A1.8911
  9. Mounting kit hot air blower
    SKU: A1.8908
  10. Hot air blower
    SKU: A1.8907
  11. Spring for heat exchanger valve
    SKU: A1.8110
  12. Heater cable clamp joint block
    SKU: A1.8162
  13. Cable for heater system short
    SKU: A1.8112
  14. Cable for heater system long
    SKU: A1.8111
  15. Heater cable clamp, single
    SKU: A1.8164
  16. Heater cable clamp, double
    SKU: A1.8163
  17. Clamp for cable on heat exchangers, wide, left
    SKU: A1.8161
  18. Clamp for cable on heat exchangers, narrow, right
    SKU: A1.8160
  19. Heater tube 2CV, Ø90xØ60x500mm
    SKU: A1.8905
  20. Heater tube felt, curved, Ø80xØ55x400mm
    SKU: A1.8904
  21. Heater tube felt, Ø80xØ55x400mm
    SKU: A1.8902
  22. Heater tube short, for demister 2CV, Ø85xØ50x220mm
    SKU: A1.8901
  23. Heater tube felt, Ø70x400mm
    SKU: A1.8900
  24. Control knob black
    SKU: A1.8108
  25. Control knob grey
    SKU: A1.8107
  26. Control knob chrome
    SKU: A1.8106
  27. Interior hose Mehari 450mm
    SKU: A1.8921
  28. Air hose Mehari 1360mm
    SKU: A1.8920
  29. Hot air passage on scuttle Burton
    SKU: A2.3735
29 Items |