Floor mats

2CV floormat set

Do you need a floormat in your 2CV? We have 5 different mat sets available online for the 2CV, starting at only €34,99. This is a luxurious black 2CV floormat set. A floormat ensures that the floor of the 2CV doesn't get dirty when you get in the car. Imagine; you are going for a nice walk and then want to get in the car to do some shopping? Your shoes will be clogged with dirt. The 2CV floor mat set will make sure that the floor of your car stays clean.

About the floormats for the 2CV

Our new floormats are so beautiful and spotless that you should almost put up a sign when you enter your 2CV: please take off your shoes! In this category you will find the different types of mat sets: the floor mat for the back or the floor mat for the front. Please note that it makes a difference whether you have hanging pedals or standing pedals. Finally, we have a very luxurious, fabric floor mat set in our range. It's not yet a long-pile carpet, but it does feel nice and soft under your feet in your classic Citroën.

Cleaning your floormat

But those dirty shoes can of course get the floormat of the 2CV dirty itself! It's best to keep them as clean as possible. Fortunately a floormat is very easy to clean. To start, you start by bump out the floormat. This ensures that most of the dirt comes straight from the floormat. If any dirt still remains, you can still vacuum the 2CV floormat. When the 2CV mat set is clean, you will be able to enjoy your 2CV even more!

Besides several 2CV floormats we have many more products online. We specialize in all parts for your 2CV. You will also find parts for the brakes, engine and drivetrain. But we have a lot more. Take a quick look to find out what we have to offer!