Give yourself a nice view on your dashboard and try to reach that top speed on your new odometer. Or if you can't see anything on your dashboard in the dark, we have different colored lights for you. But also the corresponding switches like the windscreen wiper or your fog light can be found here. For the Burton you will find clocks for the oil temperature gauge, rev counter or voltmeter. 

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  1. Identification plate S.A.A. Citroën
    SKU: A1.2957
  2. Bracket for mounting extra gauges stainless steel
    SKU: A1.3179
  3. Bracket for mounting extra gauges black
    SKU: A1.3176
  4. Ashtray 2CV
    SKU: A1.3165
  5. Ashtray Mehari
    SKU: A1.3166
  6. Brake warning light switch
    SKU: G1.6526
  7. Fog light switch
    SKU: G1.6525
  8. Wiper switch
    SKU: G1.6324
  9. Wiper switch
    SKU: G1.6323
  10. Rearview mirror new model
    SKU: G1.3196
  11. Rearview mirror old model
    SKU: G1.3195
  12. Dashboard paddle rectangular
    SKU: G1.3190
  13. Dashboard light red old model
    SKU: G1.3188
  14. Dashboard light red
    SKU: G1.3184
  15. Dashboard window side 2CV
    SKU: G1.3183
  16. Dashboard 2CV Special
    SKU: G1.3182
  17. Dashboard 2CV Club blue old model
    SKU: G1.3181
  18. Speedometer Dyane 130km/h
    SKU: G1.3180
  19. Speedometer Dyane 140km/h
    SKU: G1.3179
  20. Speedometer 2CV Club blue
    SKU: G1.3178
  21. Speedometer 2CV Club brown 130km/h
    SKU: G1.3177
  22. Speedometer 2CV Club brown 120km/h
    SKU: G1.3176
  23. Speedometer 2CV Special old model
    SKU: G1.3174
  24. Dashboard 2CV Club black new model
    SKU: G1.3163
  25. Dashboard 2CV Club brown new model
    SKU: G1.3162
  26. Dashboard 2CV Club brown old model
    SKU: G1.3161
  27. Dashboard parker kit including clamp nut
    SKU: A5.0129
  28. Oil temperature gauge MMB/Burton black/black
    SKU: A2.2816
  29. Oil pressure gauge MMB/Burton black/black
    SKU: A2.2815
  30. Rev counter MMB/Burton black/black
    SKU: A2.2812
Items 1-30 of 81 |