Is the website finished?
No, unfortunately the website is not yet 100% finished. In the upcoming weeks, we will work hard to complete as many missing things as possible. It is a constant process to improve the website. Keep an eye on our website to be up to date!

I can no longer log in with my account, what should I do?
Unfortunately, the passwords have not been migrated to the new website. Click forgot password to create a new password.

I want to return a product, how does that work now?
The package can be sent to us. Please enclose a copy of the invoice, your customer number and an IBAN number. Because this system is not yet fully automated, please also send an email to muhamber@burtoncar.com

I still have a gift card from before 2020, can I still use it?
Because of our new system, the old gift voucher can no longer be used online. To still be able to redeem it, send an email to muhamber@burtoncar.com

My payment failed, how can I still pay?
Please contact muhamber@burtoncar.com

A product is missing in my order, what should I do?
We work with a back-order system. This means that if a product is not in stock, this is automatically sent when it is in stock. There is always a letter with your order to explain this. If you are missing a product without a letter, please contact webshop@burtoncar.com

Can I also pay afterwards?
Unfortunately that is not yet possible.