Windscreen and wipers

Are you looking for a new part for the windscreen, rear window or side window of your 2CV or are your windscreen wipers in need of replacement? Then you are in the right place! On this page you will find everything that surrounds the windows of your Citroën and Burton: front rubber, windshield wiper shaft, demisting, and windscreen washers and much more!

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  1. Window washer reservoir
    SKU: G1.6345
  2. Wiper switch
    SKU: G1.6324
  3. Wiper switch
    SKU: G1.6323
  4. Window C-support 2CV
    SKU: G1.6131
  5. Rear door window 2CV
    SKU: G1.6130
  6. Top window front door right 2CV
    SKU: G1.6125
  7. Top window front door left 2CV
    SKU: G1.6124
  8. Folding window right 2CV
    SKU: G1.6123
  9. Folding window left 2CV
    SKU: G1.6122
  10. Flap window hinge
    SKU: G1.6121
  11. Flap window hinge old model
    SKU: G1.6120
  12. Demister blower 12V
    SKU: A2.5760
  13. Cover plate for demister
    SKU: A2.5755
  14. Windscreen demister set Burton
    SKU: A2.5750
  15. Windscreenwasher jet double nozzle
    SKU: A2.5745
  16. Windscreen washer pump 12V
    SKU: A2.5742
  17. Windscreen washer set electric Burton
    SKU: A2.5740
  18. Windscreen wiper blade Burton stainless steel
    SKU: A2.5730
  19. Corrugated spring washer wiper axle Burton
    SKU: A2.5722
  20. Circlip windscreen wiper axle Burton
    SKU: A2.5721
  21. Windscreen wiper arm Burton stainless steel
    SKU: A2.5720
  22. Windscreen wiper mechanism Burton
    SKU: A2.5710
  23. Windscreen wiper set Burton
    SKU: A2.5700
  24. Brooklands Aeroscreen, squared glass
    SKU: A2.5531
  25. Brooklands Aeroscreen, round glass
    SKU: A2.5530
  26. Burton windshield set, high model, powder coated black
    SKU: A2.5529
  27. Support for the windscreen Burton
    SKU: A2.5528
  28. Burton windshield set, high model
    SKU: A2.5527
  29. Burton windshield set, low model
    SKU: A2.5525
  30. Wiperengine bracket 2CV old model
    SKU: A1.6375
Items 1-30 of 74 |