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After repairing, refurbishing or patching up your snail, of course you have to dot the i's and cross t's. With our wide range of products you can complete your A-type or Burton with a personal twist. A set of hubcaps, decoration strips for the Dyane or an emblem to proudly show your ancestry during all your adventures. We also have the right products to keep the decorative parts shiny. See if there is something for you.

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  1. License plate holder chrome, 440x100mm
    SKU: A2.5341
  2. License plate holder chrome, 520x110mm
    SKU: A2.5340
  3. Self adhesive Limburg flag
    SKU: A2.1761
  4. Self adhesive Italian flag
    SKU: A2.1760
  5. Self adhesive Racing flag
    SKU: A2.1759
  6. Self adhesive Christopher flag
    SKU: A2.1758
  7. Self adhesive Christopher flag round
    SKU: A2.1757
  8. Self adhesive American flag
    SKU: A2.1756
  9. Self adhesive Friesian flag
    SKU: A2.1755
  10. Self adhesive German flag
    SKU: A2.1754
  11. Self adhesive Belgium flag
    SKU: A2.1753
  12. Self adhesive Great Britain flag
    SKU: A2.1752
  13. Self adhesive Dutch flag
    SKU: A2.1750
  14. Self adhesive Spanish flag
    SKU: A2.1749
  15. Self adhesive Irish flag
    SKU: A2.1748
  16. Self adhesive Zeeland flag
    SKU: A2.1746
  17. Polishing set 3M
    SKU: A2.1744
  18. Burton sill strips
    SKU: A2.1728
  19. Burton Domingsticker
    SKU: A2.1726
  20. Racing number 0, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1724
  21. Racing number 8, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1723
  22. Racing number 7, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1722
  23. Racing number 6/9, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1721
  24. Racing number 5, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1720
  25. Racing number 4, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1719
  26. Racing number 2, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1717
  27. Racing number 1, with white circle Ø49cm
    SKU: A2.1716
  28. Sticker white circle Ø49cm, for racing number
    SKU: A2.1715
  29. Sticker Burton 80x12cm
    SKU: A2.1714
  30. Wheel covers stainless steel, set of 4 pieces
    SKU: A1.9316
Items 1-30 of 47 |