Traveling with the 2CV and your trailer tent, or small caravan? Or with the trailer to the DIY store or garbage dump. The 2CV cannot be put aside for that! With the pliable tow bar you only see the tow bar when it is needed, so you can keep your classic look for the rest of the time. The corresponding cables for lighting are also available on this page.

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  1. Retractable towbar 2CV
    SKU: A1.7311
  2. Tow bar fixed for 2CV gdw
    SKU: A1.7312
  3. Triangle uncoated, towing device
    SKU: A2.1771
  4. Towbar socket 7 terminals, with wiring harness
    SKU: A1.7315
  5. Towbar socket 7 terminals
    SKU: A1.7316
  6. Safety cable for towbar
    SKU: A1.7348
  7. Spiralcable for triangel
    SKU: A1.7346
  8. Locking clip round, for triangle towing device
    SKU: A1.7330
8 Items |