The roof of the 2CV is not only an addition when it is rolled up while you’re enjoying the sun. On days with less sun it gives the car a cheerful color or that classic look that you are aiming for. Our roofs are of good quality and available in many versions. And how about a rear window heater? You have also come to the right place for the accessories; if you lost the fixation straps, have worn out push buttons or a broken closure, you can quickly order new ones in our web shop.

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  1. Hood frame fastener set internal closing stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1780
  2. Hood frame internal closing 2CV
    SKU: A1.1781
  3. Hold down strap hood black
    SKU: A1.1776
  4. Hold down strap hood grey
    SKU: A1.1775
    €7.50 €5.95
    Discount 21%
  5. Hood 2CV Club, White
    SKU: A1.1707
  6. Hood 2CV Club, Anthracite Grey (black)
    SKU: A1.1701
  7. Hood 2CV Club, Blue\Bleu Celeste
    SKU: A1.1715
  8. Hood 2CV Club, Red Vallelunga
    SKU: A1.1703
  9. Hood 2CV Club, Transat (France 3)
    SKU: A1.1724
  10. Hood 2CV Club, Yellow Rialto
    SKU: A1.1723
  11. Hood 2CV Club, Beige Albatros
    SKU: A1.1722
  12. Hood 2CV Club, Bleu Myosotis
    SKU: A1.1713
  13. Hood 2CV Club, Beige Gazelle
    SKU: A1.1704
  14. Hood 2CV Club, Blue Lagune
    SKU: A1.1702
  15. Hood 2CV Club, Black Coton
    SKU: A1.1728
  16. Hood 2CV Club, Grey Coton
    SKU: A1.1727
  17. Hood 2CV Club, Gris Cormoran
    SKU: A1.1726
  18. Hood 2CV Club, Bleu Marine, interior locking
    SKU: A1.1714
  19. Hood 2CV Club, Rouille,fine serrated
    SKU: A1.1712
  20. Hood 2CV, Orange Tangerine
    SKU: A1.1711
  21. Hood 2CV Club, Blue Azurite
    SKU: A1.1706
  22. Hood 2CV Club, Yellow Mimosa, inner locking
    SKU: A1.1705
  23. Hood 2CV Club, Green Jade
    SKU: A1.1719
  24. Hood 2CV Club, Green Agave, fine serrated
    SKU: A1.1717
  25. Hood 2CV Club, Brown fine-serrated
    SKU: A1.1716
  26. Hood 2CV Club, Cuivre Indien, inner locking
    SKU: A1.1710
  27. Hood 2CV Club, Green Vert Cru/Tuilerie
    SKU: A1.1709
  28. Hood 2CV Club, Red Coton
    SKU: A1.1708
  29. Sunroof orange/beige 2CV
    SKU: A1.1684
  30. Sunroof yellow/white 2CV
    SKU: A1.1681
Items 1-30 of 116 |

2CV roof

Is the roof of your 2CV ready to be replaced? We have an online range of +160 items to get your 2CV roof like new! We offer these parts from € 0.50. For this price you already have a push button. But next to the small parts we offer a lot more! So you can also get a complete Burton Hardtop package in gelcoat color from us. The choice is huge so take a look!

About the 2CV roof

The roof of the 2CV is not only an asset when it is rolled up, on less sunny days it gives the car a cheerful colour or just the classic look you are looking for. Our roofs are of good quality and available in many versions. How about a rear window heater for example? Also for the accessories you are at the right address here; lost straps, worn push button or a broken closure you can order quickly in our webshop. We try to provide you with everything that has to do with the roof of your 2CV. We hope to offer a complete assortment so you can find everything in one webshop!

More than replacing the 2CV roof

Is your 2CV going to need more than just a roof replacement. Burton is the right place for you. We offer many more products for your 2CV. Some of them are:

    • Engine
    • Interior
    • Drive line
    • Brakes

    Would you like more information about the parts you ordered for your 2CV roof? Feel free to contact us. We have trained staff and would like to share this knowledge with you. You can easily fill in our contact form, but you can also reach us by phone. The 2CV is a unique car, so be careful! Replace worn parts in your 2CV roof in time so you can enjoy it for a long time!