The roof of the 2CV is not only an addition when it is rolled up while you’re enjoying the sun. On days with less sun it gives the car a cheerful color or that classic look that you are aiming for. Our roofs are of good quality and available in many versions. And how about a rear window heater? You have also come to the right place for the accessories; if you lost the fixation straps, have worn out push buttons or a broken closure, you can quickly order new ones in our web shop.

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  1. Hood frame fastener set internal closing stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1780
  2. Hood frame internal closing 2CV stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1781
  3. Hold down strap hood black
    SKU: A1.1776
  4. Hold down strap hood grey
    SKU: A1.1775
  5. Hood 2CV Club, White
    SKU: A1.1707
  6. Hood 2CV Club, Anthracite Grey (black)
    SKU: A1.1701
  7. Hood 2CV Club, Blue\Bleu Celeste
    SKU: A1.1715
  8. Hood 2CV Club, Red Vallelunga
    SKU: A1.1703
  9. Hood 2CV Club, Transat (France 3)
    SKU: A1.1724
  10. Hood 2CV Club, Yellow Rialto
    SKU: A1.1723
  11. Hood 2CV Club, Beige Albatros
    SKU: A1.1722
  12. Hood 2CV Club, Bleu Myosotis
    SKU: A1.1713
  13. Hood 2CV Club, Beige Gazelle
    SKU: A1.1704
  14. Hood 2CV Club, Blue Lagune
    SKU: A1.1702
  15. Hood 2CV Club, Black Coton
    SKU: A1.1728
  16. Hood 2CV Club, Grey Coton
    SKU: A1.1727
  17. Hood 2CV Club, Gris Cormoran
    SKU: A1.1726
  18. Hood 2CV Club, Bleu Marine, interior locking
    SKU: A1.1714
  19. Hood 2CV Club, Rouille,fine serrated
    SKU: A1.1712
  20. Hood 2CV, Orange Tangerine
    SKU: A1.1711
  21. Hood 2CV Club, Blue Azurite
    SKU: A1.1706
  22. Hood 2CV Club, Yellow Mimosa, inner locking
    SKU: A1.1705
  23. Hood 2CV Club, Green Jade
    SKU: A1.1719
  24. Hood 2CV Club, Green Agave, fine serrated
    SKU: A1.1717
  25. Hood 2CV Club, Brown
    SKU: A1.1716
  26. Hood 2CV Club, Cuivre Indien, inner locking
    SKU: A1.1710
  27. Hood 2CV Club, Green Vert Cru/Tuilerie
    SKU: A1.1709
  28. Hood 2CV Club, Red Coton
    SKU: A1.1708
  29. Sunroof bordeaux/white 2CV
    SKU: A1.1688
  30. Sunroof red/white 2CV
    SKU: A1.1687
Items 1-30 of 124 |