The fenders of the 2CV are known all over the world with their iconic curves. These fenders are not only there for their beautiful appearance. But they also prevent, in combination with a mudguard, mud or gravel on your 2CV, Dyane or other gem. Unfortunately, the fenders won't always come out unscathed; for example, if your neighbor in the parking lot got his driver's license with the cereal or when you lent your car out to your mother-in-law. These dents and scratches are in the past with a new fender. If you have trouble mounting the rear mudguard, you will find handy sets and the necessary screws here.

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  1. Nut M12 for front wing stainless steel, as original
    SKU: A5.1289
  2. Bracket for rear cyclewing, stainless steel lomax
    SKU: A4.0155
  3. Bracket for Cyclewing right stainless steel
    SKU: A2.0221
  4. Bracket for Cyclewing left stainless steel
    SKU: A2.0220
  5. Cyclewing Burton left or right
    SKU: A2.0210
  6. Clamping Side Profile black, per meter, 4-6mm
    SKU: A2.0150
  7. Front Wing bracket set
    SKU: A2.0145
  8. Decoration rubber wings, coloured
    SKU: A2.0133
  9. Decoration rubber wings, black
    SKU: A2.0132
  10. Front wing Burton Right
    SKU: A2.0112
  11. Front wing Burton Left
    SKU: A2.0111
  12. Rear wing Burton Right
    SKU: A2.0110
  13. Rear wing Burton Left
    SKU: A2.0109
  14. Fuel cap Valeo black, locking
    SKU: A1.7305
  15. Fuel cap Citroën chrome, locking
    SKU: A1.7304
  16. Fuel cap stainless steel
    SKU: A1.7301
  17. Right protective rubber for Dyane/Acadiane cardan shaft
    SKU: A1.7161
  18. Left protective rubber for Dyane/Acadiane cardan shaft
    SKU: A1.7160
  19. Rear wing right, AK 350, small riple
    SKU: A1.7151
  20. Rear wing left, AK 350, small ripple
    SKU: A1.7150
  21. Rear wing left AZU 250, large ripple
    SKU: A1.7149
  22. Rear wing right AZU 250, large ripple
    SKU: A1.7148
  23. Rear wing right AZU 250, small ripple
    SKU: A1.7147
  24. Rear wing left AZU 250, small ripple
    SKU: A1.7145
  25. Rear wing AK400/Acadiane right, large ripple
    SKU: A1.7143
  26. Rear wing AK400/Acadiane left, large ripple
    SKU: A1.7141
  27. Mudflap Dyane/Acadiane, fits left and right
    SKU: A1.7140
  28. Pop rivet for mudflap
    SKU: A1.7139
  29. Mudflap 2CV, fits left and right
    SKU: A1.7138
  30. Mudflap set right/left 2CV with rivets
    SKU: A1.7137
Items 1-30 of 74 |