The doors of your 2CV can be seen as the gateway to your personal Citroën paradise. So it’s important to take good care of them! At Burton you can find all the necessities for your 2CV door from before and after 1965,  for your Dyane, Acadiane or Azu. . On this page you will not only find new doors, but also decorative moldings, parts for the window frame and door handles. And have you already been introduced to our improved window clip? This allows you to solve the common problem of a non-working window clip without drilling.

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  1. Window closing fastener polished, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1933
  2. Window closing fastener grey, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1932
  3. Window closing fastener black, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1931
  4. Window closing fastener fixing kit stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1934
  5. Folding window clip set
    SKU: A1.1938
  6. Rubber ring for folding window
    SKU: A1.1940
  7. Rubber for folding window old 2CV
    SKU: A1.1937
  8. Door 2CV right front
    SKU: A1.1901
  9. Door 2CV left front
    SKU: A1.1900
  10. Door 2CV right front. <1965
    SKU: A1.1904
  11. Door 2CV left front. <1965
    SKU: A1.1903
  12. Window stay long stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1945
  13. Door catch rubber front/rear Dyane
    SKU: A1.1944
  14. Window stay short stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1943
  15. Rear door catch pin 2CV
    SKU: A1.1948
  16. Rear door catch 2CV
    SKU: A1.1947
  17. Door seal set 2CV <-1964, suicide doors
    SKU: A1.2025
  18. Plug on window hinge black 2CV
    SKU: A1.2020
  19. Clip for door trim 2CV
    SKU: A1.1968
  20. Rear door trim 2CV aluminum left/right
    SKU: A1.1964
  21. Front door trim 2CV aluminum left/right
    SKU: A1.1963
  22. Door trim set 2CV stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1962
  23. Door lock rod spring 2CV
    SKU: A1.2015
  24. Doortrim set Dyane doors old type -> 1972
    SKU: A1.2089
  25. Clip set for door trim Dyane door external, set of 4 pieces
    SKU: A1.2092
  26. Trim Dyane rear door right old model 1967/1972
    SKU: A1.2088
  27. Trim Dyane rear door left old model 1967/1972
    SKU: A1.2087
  28. Trim Dyane front door right old model 1967/1972
    SKU: A1.2086
  29. Trim Dyane front door left old model 1967/1972
    SKU: A1.2085
  30. Rubber seal Dyane/Acadiane after 1970 rear door left/right
    SKU: A1.2009
Items 1-30 of 82 |