Is there anything nicer than making your classic Citroën even more beautiful than it already is? Or to make your 2CV Special edition look like new again? We don't think so. With these sticker sets you bring the 2CV Dolly, Chic, Perrier, 007, Transat/ France 3 or Saus Ente back to life.

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  1. Sticker tyre pressure for front door
    SKU: A1.9190
  2. Stickerset 2CV 007
    SKU: A1.6768
  3. Stickerset Charleston black/red, for red body, ->07/1984
    SKU: A1.6762
  4. Stickerset Charleston black/grey
    SKU: A1.6761
  5. Stickerset Charleston black/red, for black body, 07/1984->
    SKU: A1.6759
  6. Striping kit 2CV6 Charleston first type grey/grey
    SKU: A1.4785
  7. Type stickers Citroën 2CV6 Charleston
    SKU: A1.4723
  8. Stickerset 2CV Spot
    SKU: A1.6767
  9. Stickerset Transat/Franse 3
    SKU: A1.6763
  10. 2CV6 France 3 logo
    SKU: A1.4791
  11. Stickerset 2CV Dolly blue/beige
    SKU: A1.6775
  12. Stickerset 2CV Dolly grey/white
    SKU: A1.6774
  13. Stickerset 2CV Dolly yellow/gris
    SKU: A1.6773
  14. Stickerset 2CV Perrier
    SKU: A1.6770
  15. Stickerset Dolly green/white
    SKU: A1.6766
  16. Stickerset Dolly red/white
    SKU: A1.6765
  17. Stickerset Dolly yellow/dark red
    SKU: A1.6764
  18. Sticker logo 2CV6 Dolly
    SKU: A1.4772
  19. Sticker logo 2CV6 Dolly bleu nuit
    SKU: A1.4771
  20. Sticker logo 2CV6 Dolly jaune rialto
    SKU: A1.4770
  21. Sticker logo 2CV6 Dolly vert bamboo
    SKU: A1.4769
  22. Sticker logo 2CV6 Dolly rouge delage
    SKU: A1.4768
  23. Sticker logo 2CV6 Dolly rouge vallelunga
    SKU: A1.4767
  24. Sticker logo 2CV6 Dolly gris cormoran
    SKU: A1.4721
  25. Sticker set 2CV4 Spot lettering white
    SKU: A1.4720
  26. Stickerset 2CV Saus Ente
    SKU: A1.6776
  27. Stickerset 2 x 2CV Cocorico, 1 x Citroën
    SKU: A1.6771
  28. Stickerset 2CV Bamboo
    SKU: A1.6769
  29. Striping kit 2CV I fly bleifrei Ente (Germany)
    SKU: A1.4751
  30. Headlight height control sticker 2CV (Germany)
    SKU: A1.4750
Items 1-30 of 90 |