Did you accidentally hit a post? Or does your A-type Citroën simply deserves a nice new bumper? We’ve got some great news for you! On this page you will find everything for your bumper; from narrow and wide decorative tape to protective corner. A completely new bumper for your 2CV Charleston or a steel bumper for your Dyane. Make your car great again with the Burton bumper parts.                              

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  1. Rear bumper mounting kit 2CV, 1974->
    SKU: A1.1318
  2. Front bumper 2CV grey AC140, 1974 -> 1990
    SKU: A1.1301
  3. Rear bumper 2CV high (11cm), grey AC140, 1974->
    SKU: A1.1317
  4. Rear bumper 2CV low (8cm), grey AC140, 1963->
    SKU: A1.1315
  5. Bumper bracket rear high (11cm)
    SKU: A1.1331
  6. Bumper bracket rear low (8cm)
    SKU: A1.1329
  7. Bumper bracket front right, 1963->
    SKU: A1.1327
  8. Bumper bracket front left, 1963->
    SKU: A1.1325
  9. Front bumper 2CV grey AC136, <-1963
    SKU: A1.1310
  10. Bumper bracket, Azam6, rear bended
    SKU: A1.1330
  11. Rear bumper 2CV grey AC140, <-1963
    SKU: A1.1314
  12. Front bumper 2CV Charleston dark grey AC095, 1980->
    SKU: A1.1303
  13. Rear bumper 2CV Charleston high (11cm), AC095, 1974->
    SKU: A1.1321
  14. Rear bumper 2CV low (8cm), grey AC136, 1963->1974
    SKU: A1.1320
  15. Rear bumper 2CV high (11cm), stainless steel, 1974->
    SKU: A1.1319
  16. Bumper rubber front left/right 2CV, <-1963
    SKU: A1.1309
  17. Over rider 2CV, <-1963, AC136
    SKU: A1.1308
  18. Front bumper 2CV grey AC136, 1963 ->1974
    SKU: A1.1304
  19. Bumper bolt M7x20 stainless steel
    SKU: A1.1349
  20. Rubber bonnet stop in front bumper 2CV
    SKU: A1.1351
  21. Tape for bumper black wide 50x1300mm
    SKU: A1.1343
  22. Tape for bumper chrome wide 50x1300mm
    SKU: A1.1342
  23. Tape for bumper black narrow 28x1520mm
    SKU: A1.1341
  24. Tape for bumper chrome narrow 28x1520mm
    SKU: A1.1340
  25. Rubber for over rider 2CV
    SKU: A1.1337
  26. Over rider 2CV, grey AC140, 1974-> 1990
    SKU: A1.1335
  27. Over rider 2CV Charleston, grey AC095, 1980->
    SKU: A1.1333
  28. Over rider 2CV, grey AC136, 1963-> 1974
    SKU: A1.1332
  29. Bumper end cover plastic rear (11cm)
    SKU: A1.1357
  30. Bumper end cover plastic black front or rear (8cm)
    SKU: A1.1355
Items 1-30 of 38 |