Is your bulkhead in need of replacement? Then Burton 2CV Parts has the perfect parts for you! For only € 4,90 you already have a bulkhead part. For this price you already have a rubber for the accelerator rod. Burton 2CV Parts is a specialized web shop in 2CV parts. That is why you came to the right place when you are looking for 2CV parts.

2CV bulkhead

The bulkhead is crucial for your 2CV. It's a versatile plate where your battery is mounted and a diverse range of cables. Also, the switch leaver also runs through it. Unfortunately, the bulkhead is also a rust sensitive piece of your much beloved Deux Chevaux... Hey, but look at this: In this category you just buy a completely new bulkhead! Make sure you choose the right type because there are some differences per year of construction. And a bulkhead of a right-hand drive car is of course different from a left-hand drive car.

All for your 2CV

In addition to bulkheads, we also sell other exterior parts for your 2CV. It is important that your 2CV looks as your dream car, so you can show off your 2CV. Luckily we have a large assortment of exterior parts at Burton 2CV Parts. Because of this, you will be able to find everything you need to keep up with your 2CV. The look of the car determines a lot about how people see you too. We at Burton 2CV Parts know that too and that's why we have, besides our bulkheads, also:

  • Bumpers
  • Fenders
  • Trim parts