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  1. Engine seal set, 2CV6 602cc
    SKU: A1.5317
  2. Pushrod tube seal 2CV Viton, improved version, 1983->1990
    SKU: A1.5337
  3. Pushrod tube seal 2CV, 1983->1990
    SKU: A1.5326
  4. Rocker cover gasket 2CV4/6, improved version
    SKU: A1.5319
  5. Gasket intlet 2CV4/6 special improved gasket material
    SKU: A1.5323
  6. Gasket outlet 2CV4/6 special improved gasket material
    SKU: A1.5322
  7. Crankshaft seal rear 2CV6 56x69x10mm viton
    SKU: A1.3516
  8. Valve seals 2CV4/6 set 4 pieces
    SKU: A1.5360
  9. Sparkplug thread repair kit M14
    SKU: A1.2787
  10. Cup on pushrod tube new type
    SKU: A1.5330
  11. Gasket for oil cooler 2CV4/6
    SKU: A1.5329
  12. Oil filler gasket 2CV4/6
    SKU: A1.5327
  13. Crankshaft seal rear Visa 57,5x70x10mm
    SKU: A1.3517
  14. Crankshaft seal rear 2CV6 56x69x10mm
    SKU: A1.3515
  15. Crankshaft seal front 2CV/Visa 30x42x8mm
    SKU: A1.3511
  16. Carburettor base gasket aramid paper
    SKU: A1.1176
  17. Engine seal set with crankshaft oil seals 2CV6
    SKU: A1.5305
  18. Engine seal set 2CV4 and 2CV6 without crankshaft oil seals
    SKU: A1.5301
  19. Engine gasket set Visa 652cc typ 630 Without base gaskets
    SKU: A1.5300
  20. Engine seal set Visa 652cc
    SKU: A1.5315
  21. Gasket in/outlet 2CV4 12hp 425cm3
    SKU: A1.5375
  22. Rocker cover gasket
    SKU: A1.5321
  23. Rocker cover gasket aluminium rocker cover
    SKU: A1.5320
  24. Engine seal set, 2CV, from 1961 / 1969 Dyane 6 Ami 6
    SKU: A1.5316
  25. Engine seal set 2CV 18pk 425cc
    SKU: A1.5311
  26. Engine seal set 2CV 12pk 375/425cc
    SKU: A1.5310
  27. Base spacer flange for single barrel carburettor 40mm
    SKU: A1.1267
  28. Primary axle seal in crankshaft 11,9x18x4mm
    SKU: A1.3519
  29. Crankshaft seal rear 2CV4 48x65x10mm
    SKU: A1.3518
  30. Valve seal 2CV6 per pieces
    SKU: A1.5361
Items 1-30 of 48 |

Seals 2CV

Do you need parts for the 2CV, in this particular case, seals? We have +45 products online that can help you! These parts are already available from €0,50. For this price you already have a copper washer. We at Burton 2CV Parts have a huge range of parts for your 2CV. A gem like a 2CV also deserves good maintenance. From a copper washer to a spark plug wire repair set, you can find it all in our webshop!

2CV engine seals

We have many different gaskets for the engine of the 2CV. It is important to replace these parts in time! This will make sure that your 2CV will last a lot longer. Some parts we have are:

  • Liquid gasket
  • Engine gasket kit
  • Valve seals set
  • Pushrod tube seal

But this is far from being the only thing we offer. Our assortment is huge. Also 2CV seals like crankshaft seals and inlet gaskets can be found in our webshop. But next to engine seals for the 2CV, we have a lot more. You will find all necessary parts for the engine, but also interior and exterior. We are specialized in all 2CV parts and are happy to transfer this knowledge to the real enthusiasts.