Electronic Ignition 123 Tune with Bluetooth, 6/12V

Article number:  A1.5104
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Meet the TUNE+, the latest version of the well-known 123-ignition from Albertronic. This smart ignition makes your driving easier and safer.

What's unique about the TUNE+ is that it's the first ignition in the world that can be wirelessly connected to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth 4.0. This allows you to maintain and manage your car even more easily.

Thanks to a free-to-download App, you no longer have to tinker with your car to adjust the ignition curve. It's now as easy as touching a button on your smartphone!

In addition to setting the ignition curve, the App also provides an electronic dashboard to monitor your car status. And that's not all. The App can also protect your car from theft by blocking the start.

The main features of the TUNE+ include:

  • Tachometer: Keep track of the engine's RPM for optimal performance.
  • Anti-theft system: Protect your car from unwanted access by blocking the start.
  • Real-time tuning: Adjust the car's ignition curve while you drive.
  • Soft RPM limiter: Limit the maximum RPM to protect the engine.
  • Vacuum advance: Improves fuel efficiency and engine performance.
  • Boost control: Manage turbo pressure for optimal performance.

Using the TUNE+ is simple. All you need is an Apple iOS or Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 support. Step into the future of car maintenance and security with the Albertronic TUNE+.

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  • Car Model: 2CV, Dyane, Burton, Mehari, Ami
  • Number per car: 1
  • Quality:: 5
  • Material: Multi
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