Fuel supply

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  1. Fuel line set complete
    SKU: A1.1126
  2. Fuel hose Ø5,5mm per meter
    SKU: A1.1125
  3. Fuel pipe plastic Ø6mm 250cm
    SKU: A1.1127
  4. Fuel hose Ø7,5mm per meter
    SKU: A1.1123
  5. Petrol filter plastic
    SKU: A1.1115
  6. Petrol filter chrome
    SKU: A1.1116
  7. Fuel hose clamp steel 8/12 mm
    SKU: A1.1132
  8. Fuel cap Valeo black, locking
    SKU: A1.7305
  9. Fuel cap chrome, locking
    SKU: A1.7303
  10. Fuel cap stainless steel
    SKU: A1.7301
  11. Rubber sleeve for fuel filler neck plastic tank
    SKU: A1.1128
  12. Fuel tank sender unit 2CV 12V
    SKU: A1.1145
  13. Fuel tank sender unit rubber gasket
    SKU: A1.1144
  14. Fuel tank mounting plate plastic, square
    SKU: A1.1167
  15. Fuel tank mounting plate plastic, oval
    SKU: A1.1166
  16. Fuel tank mounting plate metal, oval
    SKU: A1.1165
  17. Theaded plate for mouning chassis member over fuel tank
    SKU: A1.1163
  18. Fuel tank spacer between rear axle and tank
    SKU: A1.1162
  19. Fuel tank plastic
    SKU: A1.1161
  20. Fuel pump >1970
    SKU: A1.1105
  21. Fuel pump Valeo >1970
    SKU: A1.1104
  22. Fuel pump 425cc with priming lever, <1970
    SKU: A1.1103
  23. Fuel pump 425cc, <1970
    SKU: A1.1102
  24. Fuel pump spacer thick
    SKU: A1.1106
  25. Diaphragm fuel pump 8 holes
    SKU: A1.1108
  26. Diaphragm fuel pump 6 holes
    SKU: A1.1107
  27. Push rod to drive fuel pump 2CV
    SKU: G1.1109
  28. Fuel tank sender unit AK400 / Acadiane 12V
    SKU: A1.1299
  29. Fuel tank sender unit 2CV 6V
    SKU: A1.1098
  30. Fuel filler hose AMI 8
    SKU: A1.1259
Items 1-30 of 39 |

Want to buy a fuel pump for the 2CV?

Do you need a fuel pump for the 2CV? Then Burton 2CV Parts is the right place for you with over 30 fuel pump items! For all 2CV parts that have to do with fuel supply you came to the right place. With fuel prices nowadays you want to protect your fuel against theft. This can be done with a tank cap with lock. We've got it all! Does your A-type run out of gas in the carburettor after a long standstill? Replacing the petrol pump or just the diaphragm may be the solution.

Fuel supply security

It's important to have good security for your fuel supply. This can be done, as mentioned earlier, by means of a secure tank cap for the 2CV. This tank cap of the 2CV ensures that not everyone can enter your fuel tank just like that, because of a secure lock. For example, you need a key to access your filler cap. This also makes sure you will not forget to close this tank cap of the 2CV properly, because you have to lock it with a key. You can then easily hang this key on your car key chain, so that you never forget it.

Fuel pump 2CV

The fuel pump in the 2CV ensures that the fuel enters the tank safely. Of course you want all this to happen as safely as possible, that's why we have several fuel pumps of the 2CV for you. So you can make the right choice when it comes to the 2CV fuel pump. It sometimes happens that the engine has trouble starting up when it has been stationary for too long. Then replacing the 2CV fuel pump might be the solution. If you have further problems with the engine you could look at other parts like the ignition, filters or cooling.