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  1. Maintenance-set 2CV6 602cc engine
    SKU: A1.9100
  2. Oilfilter socket for filters with 6 or 12 ridges
    SKU: A1.2740
  3. Air filter housing with air filter and cap
    SKU: A1.2526
  4. Air filter lid complete 2CV6 1978->
    SKU: A1.2505
  5. Air filter element 375/425cc 2CV, 130x90x65mm
    SKU: A1.2507
  6. Air filter element 2CV4/6, 130x85x65mm
    SKU: A1.2504
  7. Air filter element Ami/Mehari with mesh, 120x85x90mm
    SKU: A1.2503
  8. Air filter element 2CV with mesh, 135x95x80mm
    SKU: A1.2502
  9. Air filter element 2CV, 135x95x80mm
    SKU: A1.2501
  10. Air filter hose Dyane / Mehari
    SKU: A1.1192
  11. Air filter brackets set stainless steel 2CV6
    SKU: A1.2531
  12. Air filter bracket front stainless steel 2CV6
    SKU: A1.2530
  13. Air filter bracket rear stainless steel 2CV6
    SKU: A1.2529
  14. Oilfilter extra large 2CV6 and Visa 652cc, 75x120mm M18
    SKU: A1.2517
  15. Petrol filter chrome
    SKU: A1.1116
  16. Petrol filter plastic
    SKU: A1.1115
  17. Oilfilter 2CV
    SKU: A1.2521
17 Items |

Do you want to purchase a filter??

Do you want to buy a new filter? At Burton 2CV Parts we offer a wide range of different new filters! For example, you can already find a €2.44 plastic fuel filter online. But besides the fuel filter, we also have a 2CV air filter and a 2CV oil filter. Although filters seem small and simple parts, they are very important for a vital A-type. So make sure to have a well-maintained 2CV with a new oil filter, air filter or fuel.

An air filter for your 2CV?

It's time to replace your air filter when they are dirty or even clogged. When this happens it can happen that there is no good air/fuel ratio anymore. This can cause the engine to run bad and the fuel consumption can increase. When you are a real enthusiast you can replace an air filter yourself. When you do not know exactly how to do this, make sure to ask some help first! It is important for an engine that fuel comes in, but also oxygen. It is important that the air that comes in is clean so that it doesn't damage the engine. For this you use the air filter in your 2CV.

Oil filter for your 2CV

Filters are of course important for your 2CV, but we have many more products online that can fix your 2CV. You can also find carburettors, exhausts and gaskets.