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Do you want to purchase a filter??

Do you want to buy a new filter? At Burton 2CV Parts we offer a wide range of different new filters! For example, you can already find a €2.44 plastic fuel filter in our shop. Besides the fuel filter, we also have a 2CV air filter and a 2CV oil filter. Although filters seem small and simple parts, they are very important for a vital A-type. So make sure to have a well-maintained 2CV with a new oil filter, air filter or fuel.

An air filter for your 2CV?

It's time to replace your air filter when they are dirty or even clogged. When this happens it can happen that there is no good air/fuel ratio anymore. This can cause the engine to run bad and the fuel consumption can increase. When you are a real enthusiast you can replace an air filter yourself. When you do not know exactly how to do this, make sure to ask some help first! It is important for an engine that fuel comes in, but also oxygen. It is important that the air that comes in is clean so that it doesn't damage the engine. For this you use the air filter in your 2CV.

Oil filter for your 2CV

Just like the air filter, an oil filter is also very important for your 2CV. This filter ensures that the little metal parts are filtered out of your engine oil. Make sure you replace the oil filter of your 2CV in time. Your filter will become saturated at some point and then it is wise to replace it. You can have the oil filter of your 2CV replaced, but you can also easily do it yourself. Just like the air filter, it is important that you ask for help if you are not sure about doing it yourself.

Filters are of course important for your 2CV, but we have many more products online that can fix your 2CV. You can also find carburettors, exhausts and gaskets.