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  1. Heat exchanger right, powder coated black
    SKU: A1.8104
  2. Cooling fan plastic black 2CV6
    SKU: A1.4359
  3. Socket 14mm fan bolt 1/2" drive
    SKU: A1.2701
  4. Cooling fan pulley 2CV6
    SKU: A1.4360
  5. Oil cooler 2CV6
    SKU: A1.4352
  6. Oil cooler 2CV4
    SKU: A1.4348
  7. Oil cooler Visa 2CV6, LN/LNA, Visa imitation
    SKU: A1.4353
  8. Air filter hose Dyane / Mehari
    SKU: A1.1193
  9. Engine cowling set 2CV6, powder coated
    SKU: A1.4525
  10. Engine fan cowling 2CV powder coated disc brakes
    SKU: A1.4500
  11. Grille 2CV fan
    SKU: A1.4526
  12. Speednut 3,9 Fan cowling
    SKU: A1.4520
  13. Engine fan cowling Dyane/Acadiane powder coated disc brakes
    SKU: A1.4505
  14. Engine fan cowling 2CV6, powder coated
    SKU: A1.4502
  15. Engine fan cowling Acadiane/Dyane, powder coated
    SKU: A1.4501
  16. Spacer for oil cooler
    SKU: A1.4398
  17. Cylinder cowling upper right, powder coated
    SKU: A1.4386
  18. Cylinder cowling lower right, powder coated
    SKU: A1.4385
  19. Cylinder cowling upper left, powder coated
    SKU: A1.4384
  20. Cylinder cowling lower left, powder coated
    SKU: A1.4383
20 Items |

Oil cooler

Do you need a new Oil cooler? Then Burton 2CV Parts is the right place for you! We have over 20 products for your oil cooler! These products vary from 2CV oil cooler to a fan mesh for the fan housing. We also sell oil cooler tools to make it all easier for you. The hexagonal cap 14mm is an example. This allows you to easily remove the fan and gain access to the ignition or the V-belt, among other things. Enough variation!

Variation in oil coolers

We sell multiple oil coolers. Their function is, as the name suggests, to cool down your oil. When the oil gets too hot it is very bad for the engine. These oil coolers extend the life of the engine and any other part that uses oil as lubricant. It is therefore recommended to order a high quality oil cooler to prevent damage to the engine. At Burton 2CV Parts we offer even more products to prevent damage to your engine. Think of filters, ignition and fuel supply.

Fan housing

As said before, we sell many different products around the oil cooler of the 2CV. An example of this is the fan house. The fan housing sits around your air-cooled motor to ensure proper cooling. The fan house comes with a € 50,- deposit, click here for more information about our return policy.


Do you have any questions about the oil cooler? Or do you just want some more information about the right oil cooler for you? Then we'll be happy to help you. We want to offer the best for our customers. You can reach us easily. You can visit us from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 - 17:30 and on Saturday from 9:00 - 16:00. Furthermore, you can easily send us an email to No questions? Quickly order your oil cooler so that you can have fun mounting it over the weekend!