Rust Preventive Primer - Cartex Red - 400ml Spray Can

Article number:  A1.0535
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The Cartex red Primer is a high-quality, fast-drying primer with excellent rust-preventive properties. It provides strong adhesion on metal surfaces such as steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. This versatile primer is ideal for spot repairs and can be overpainted with most types of paint. The product is easy to use, dries quickly, and offers effective corrosion protection.


Content: 400ML
Color: Reddish-brown
Coverage: 1m² Temperature
Resistance: Up to 90°C
Application: As a primer or welding primer for various substrates, including bare metal and aluminum

Instructions for use:

  • Surface preparation: clean, dry, free of grease and dust.
  • Shake primer: 2 minutes before use.
  • Application: 1-2 layers, after 10-50 minutes of drying at 20°C, proceed with compatible products.

Always read the instructions on the packaging before use and follow them for optimal results.

  • Car Model: 2CV, Dyane, Burton, Mehari, Ami
  • Number per car: 2
  • Quality:: 4
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