Workshop & Maintenance

A drop of oil doesn't put us off


A drop of oil doesn't put us off, and certainly not from your A-type! Our workshop thrives on passion for and knowledge of all A-types. If you own a 2CV, Dyane, AK250 or another impressive racer based on an A-type, we're ready to assist you!

Can you hear a strange squeak, creak or rattle? Is the car behind you enveloped in a mist of oil, does the car tilt when you brake, are you looking directly at the road surface from the car, or do you just have a question? Our team of mechanics is always ready to assist you and will find a suitable solution to get you back on the road quickly!


Is your car waking up from hibernation and does it need to be made ready for a wonderful season back on the road? Have you covered a lot of kilometres in your car and does it need new rubber or should the valves be reset in combination with fresh oil and a new air filter?

Our experienced mechanics with the right tools will take care of the professional maintenance of your beloved two-stroke. Even customers from outside the Netherlands are prepared to come to Zutphen for our highly specialised and professional workshop. Our workshop is located next to the warehouse, where we do our best to have everything in stock so that we can help you quickly. Ask us for advice, options and price quotes here. 


Unfortunately, we can't escape the fact that our trusty steeds sometimes let us down just when we don't want them to. After a long drive, when you want to pull away from the filling station and the engine won't start, we know from experience that it's probably time to replace the ignition coil. Our mechanics have come across many such stories over the years and you can rest assured that we've heard it all before. Your questions are always welcome and a suitable solution will always be found to get you back on the road quickly. If you have a problem that you can't solve yourself, please contact one of our experienced mechanics.


We believe that every 2CV, Dyane, Ami or other A-type deserves a second chance. In other words, we'd love to give your car a second chance by restoring it. Does the floor panel or lower bulkhead need to be replaced so that the car can continue to be used for years?

Or does it need a full restoration in which you can choose the colour of the exterior and we discuss every nut and bolt so that we can restore the car to perfection exactly how you want it? Many roads lead to Rome when it comes to the main objective of preserving your beloved car, because who wouldn't want that? If your car has been sitting in the garage for 10 years and has become something of an eyesore, now might be the time to give it a go, because every car deserves a second chance. If you're curious about the possibilities or would like to get a no-obligation quote, please contact us.