Although a grille is of course a very useful part, it is also a way to give your 2CV, Dyane or other A-type Citroën a personal touch and look. Choose from different old and new models in plastic, aluminium or chrome. Only with us you will find the best grille available, developed and tested by ourselves.

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2CV grille

You need a new Grille for your 2CV? Then Burton 2CV parts will be happy to help you! We have a wide range of more than +15 auto grille items. Burton 2CV parts is specialized in parts for your 2CV. We already sell car grille parts from € 8,49. Of course you want to show the rest of the drivers that you're driving a Citroën A-type. You can do this by using the auto grille. But sometimes it can be that it shows cracks or tears and doesn't look as nice as it should. So is your 2CV grille cracked, torn or just worn out by years of driving around? Then come quickly to Burton 2CV Parts because we have a wide range of auto grilles.

New 2CV car grille?

The car grill is an essential part of your 2CV. Through this 2CV grille you show that you are a proud owner. Everyone can then see your Citroën emblem. There is a choice of different types of car grilles. You can choose to order a standard model for your model year or make your 2CV different by choosing a grille from another model year. This allows you to decide what your 2CV will look like. There is something for every 2CV driver. If you are now looking for a car grill, we also have other exterior parts in our assortment that might be interesting for you. Otherwise check out our:

The best service

Did you get any questions about a 2CV grill? Or questions about the other exterior parts? Then our specialists will be happy to help you! We are specialized in 2CV parts and therefore we can help you with that. Would you like to speak to our specialists in person? Then please call +31(0)575-546055. Or would you prefer to send us an e-mail? Then mailing to [email protected] is the best option. No more questions? Then order your 2CV grille quickly. It will be delivered as soon as possible.