At Burton we do have our own dyno area at our technical department! From now on we can measure and fine tune every A-type. Fine tuning an engine is not only about horsepower but it is also about driveability. With this new dyno we can optimize every A-type. Diagnostics, power output, air/fuel ratio etc.


You can bring your car to our dyno in Zutphen, Netherlands.
The use of the dyno costs €100 per hour including a dyno specialist who will help you. With the individual appointment there will be more time for adjustment or experimenting compared to the club or monthly events.

Monthly Dyno day:

Every first Saturday of the month we have a dyno day scheduled. On this special day we can provide the roller dyno testing for €75,- for each car. There will be space for 4 cars in the morning program and 4 in the afternoon. We will start with the group together and give a briefing where we show what will be measured and how the adjusting process the carburetor works. After this the cars will be adjusted one at the time and the expert will tell what changes will be done and why.

This way it is informative to see how each car or engine setup performs differently and how they can be correctly adjusted. If you like to subscribe to one of the scheduled Dyno days, please send an email to [email protected]


Make a nice trip with your friends to Burton in Zutphen! When you come by with a few cars we can offer you some different prices, especially for a group of friends or 2CV clubs. We can recommend some campings and hotels in the beautiful area of Zutphen and we can arrange lunch in our Burton cafe or at restaurants nearby. We do also have the possibilities to give some guided tours through our company. Please send us an email for the possibilities!


Dyno per hour including assistance of a mechanic  €100
Dyno Club day 1 day, max 8 cars including the jets €480
Dyno Club day 1/2 day, max 4 cars including the jets €260
Monthly Dyno day €75