Carburettor type Solex 26/18, 26/35 CSIC, new

Article number:  A1.1151
Original quality
New double barrel Solex-style carburettor for the Citroën 2CV, type 26/35 CSIC, Venturi sizes 26mm / 18mm. This is a completely new part, not a reconditioned used carburettor. For the final quality check, each and every carburettor is mounted to an engine dynomometer. All carburettors are tested under load on an engine with 602cc capacity. This way we can ensure that this new carburetor delivers optimal power. The basic setting of the carburetor achieved during this test, also ensures that this carburettor will always work when you mount it to your car. You will only have to make minor adjustments, for example to compensate the idling speed for the load of your alternator. For this new parts, you don't need to hand in your old carburettor. Click here for more information about our test program.
  • Car Model: 2CV, Burton, Mehari
  • OEM number:: 95 545 941
  • Number per car: 1
  • Quality:: 4
  • Engine size: 602cc
  • Material: Multi
  • Carburettor type: Two-stage
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