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Electronic Ignition 123 EVO 12V, 16 advance curves

Electronic Ignition 123 EVO 12V, 16 advance curves


The '123EVO' is designed for all 2CV's ( and derivatives ) with a A79/1, M28 or M28/1 engine. It offers many different advance curves, 5 for tuning with regular fuel, 5 for tuning with LPG/ethanol and 5 'standard'-curves as prescribed by Citroen for ALL two cyl.-engines, inclusive VISA-engines. It is a microprocessor controlled device, that replaces all the mechanical parts of the conventional system, like points, cam, and centrifugal weights. The 123ignition2CV is designed for the stock (black) 2CV coil, and is intended for 12 Volt systems only. The ease of installation, and the outstanding quality has attracted thousands of happy 2CV-drivers, all over the world. The main benefits are better starting, better fuel consumption, smoother running, better emissions, more torque ( especially in the lower rev's ), no maintenance, EVER again
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