Nowadays cars are full of switches, buttons and other gadgets. Fortunately, as A-type drivers, we don't have to worry about that.  But those few switches that we do have, you want to be able to get the best possible, of course. That's why on this page you'll find all kinds of switches like alarm light switch or brake light switch and more.   

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  1. Brake light switch 2CV, Dyane, Acadiane, Ami, HY
    SKU: A1.8581
  2. Indicator light switch lever black
    SKU: A1.6509
  3. Light buzzer
    SKU: A1.8583
  4. Hazard warning light switch
    SKU: A1.3177
  5. Bracket for mounting extra switch or light (1 hole)
    SKU: A1.3174
  6. Brake light switch old type 2CV
    SKU: A1.8582
  7. Toggle switch rubber cover
    SKU: A2.1549
  8. Toggle switch plate on/off
    SKU: A2.1548
  9. Toggle switch plate on/off/on
    SKU: A2.1547
  10. Toggle switch universal, stainless, on/off
    SKU: A2.1546
  11. Toggle switch universal, stainless, on/off/on
    SKU: A2.1545
  12. Demister switch for Burton
    SKU: A2.1544
  13. Turnswitch universal on/off with warning light
    SKU: A2.1543
  14. Wiper switch for Burton
    SKU: A2.1542
  15. Footswitch for high beam
    SKU: A2.1541
  16. Light switch Burton small
    SKU: A2.1540
  17. Light switch Burton large
    SKU: A2.1539
  18. Indicator switch for Burton
    SKU: A2.1535
  19. Light switch 2CV, high beam flash
    SKU: A1.6522
  20. Light switch 2CV
    SKU: A1.6521
  21. Indicator light switch lever chrome
    SKU: A1.6507
  22. Indicator light switch gray 2CV, with warning buzzer
    SKU: A1.6505
  23. Indicator light switch black 2CV
    SKU: A1.6504
  24. Indicator light switch gray 2CV
    SKU: A1.6502
  25. Indicator light switch brown 2CV
    SKU: A1.6501
25 Items |

2CV switches

Components needed for the 2CV switches? We have +22 items available online that can help you replace switches! With us you can already find a rocker switch pad plate for €2,00. Nowadays cars are full of switches, buttons and other gadgets. Fortunately, as A-type drivers, we don't have to worry about that. But those few switches that the 2CV has, have to look good of course. That's why on this page you will find all kinds of 2CV switches such as alarm light switch or brake light switch and more.

About the 2CV switch

In the 2CV you don't have a lot of switches of course. But the switches we use do deserve extra attention! Sometimes it is necessary to replace parts in the switch system. For example, a brake light switch might just need to be replaced. It is of course important that when you go on the road that you do this safely. If a brake light doesn't work properly anymore because something is broken in the switch, this can lead to dangerous situations for people driving behind you. That is why we draw extra attention to the fact that 2CV switches are more important than people think! We have an extensive range where you can find everything you need for your 2CV switch.

More than a 2CV switch

Of course we have a lot in our assortment for the switches of the 2CV. But apart from the switches we offer a lot more! In our webshop you can find almost everything to make your 2CV as good as new again. If you want to tinker with your 2CV, it is handy to have the right parts in stock. A selection from our assortment is:

  • Dashboard parts
  • Mirrors
  • Steering column parts

But a lot more! We specialize in all parts for your 2CV. We are happy to transfer this knowledge to the real 2CV enthusiast!