Nowadays cars are full of switches, buttons and other gadgets. Fortunately, as A-type drivers, we don't have to worry about that.  But those few switches that we do have, you want to be able to get the best possible, of course. That's why on this page you'll find all kinds of switches like alarm light switch or brake light switch and more.   

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  1. Toggle switch rubber cover
    SKU: A2.1549
  2. Toggle switch plate on/off
    SKU: A2.1548
  3. Toggle switch plate on/off/on
    SKU: A2.1547
  4. Toggle switch universal, stainless, on/off
    SKU: A2.1546
  5. Toggle switch universal, stainless, on/off/on
    SKU: A2.1545
  6. Demister switch for Burton
    SKU: A2.1544
  7. Turnswitch universal on/off with warning light
    SKU: A2.1543
  8. Wiper switch for Burton
    SKU: A2.1542
  9. Footswitch for high beam
    SKU: A2.1541
  10. Light switch Burton small
    SKU: A2.1540
  11. Light switch Burton large
    SKU: A2.1539
  12. Indicator switch for Burton
    SKU: A2.1535
  13. Light buzzer
    SKU: A1.8583
  14. Brake light switch old type 2CV
    SKU: A1.8582
  15. Brake light switch 2CV, Dyane, Acadiane, Ami, HY
    SKU: A1.8581
  16. Indicator light switch lever black
    SKU: A1.6509
  17. Hazard warning light switch
    SKU: A1.3177
  18. Bracket for mounting extra switch or light (1 hole)
    SKU: A1.3174
18 Items |