Rear lighting

The rear lights of your 2CV can cause problems in different ways. And yet visibility is so important. When your glass is broken,discoloured, there is humidity in the glass or your rubbers have hardened, a new taillight offers the solution. Moreover, we sell the rear light plate or just the rear light glass separately. This way you only need to replace the necessary parts. In need of a whole new taillight? We also sell a complete taillight, reversing light and fog light.   

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  1. Bracket for license plate light Hella
    SKU: A2.5336
  2. License plate light Hella
    SKU: A2.5335
  3. Reflector T.Ü.V., 60mm
    SKU: A2.5332
  4. Reflector Lucas, 52mm
    SKU: A2.5330
  5. Lighting set Burton
    SKU: A2.5300
  6. Rear light 2CV complete, 1964->1979, right
    SKU: A1.8642
  7. Rear light 2CV complete, 1964->1979, left
    SKU: A1.8641
  8. Number plate light cap complete, for the center, until 1964
    SKU: A1.8611
  9. License plate light cap middle 2CV ->1964
    SKU: A1.8610
  10. Bulb socket for rear light 2CV ->1970
    SKU: A1.8601
  11. Rubber for rear light glass 2CV ->1964
    SKU: A1.8600
  12. Rear fog light chrome orange
    SKU: A1.8577
  13. Reversing light chrome
    SKU: A1.8576
  14. Reversing light black
    SKU: A1.8575
  15. Rear fog light chrome
    SKU: A1.8574
  16. Rear fog light black
    SKU: A1.8573
  17. Interior light glass Dyane
    SKU: A1.8564
  18. Interior light glass 2CV
    SKU: A1.8562
  19. Rear light 2CV, left/right 2CV ->1964
    SKU: A1.8560
  20. Rear light glass right 2CV 1964->1970
    SKU: A1.8552
  21. Rear light glass left 2CV 1964->1970
    SKU: A1.8551
  22. Rear light glass left/right 2CV ->1964
    SKU: A1.8550
  23. Chrome trim ring indicator/rear light, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.8545
  24. Rear light glass Dyane
    SKU: A1.8540
  25. Rear light glass Acadiane
    SKU: A1.8539
  26. Rear light Acadiane
    SKU: A1.8538
  27. Rear light Burton, AK400/350/250, DS break
    SKU: A1.8537
  28. Taillight glass AK400/Burton red
    SKU: A1.8536
  29. Reflector AK/AZU/Ctiroën HY
    SKU: A1.8535
  30. Rear light rubber left/right 2CV
    SKU: A1.8534
Items 1-30 of 41 |