Light bulbs

A snail often gives little light. Make sure you are clearly visible with the appropriate light bulb. The 6V and 12V bulbs are available in yellow and white light with a H4 or Duplo fitting. Also for the orange flashing light bulb you will find the right one at Burton 2CV Parts. Don't forget your light bulb set for on the road, that never hurts. 

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  1. Bulb 12V 60/55W, H4 halogen, headlight, yellow light
    SKU: A1.4103
  2. Bulb 12V 40/45W, 410, headlight, yellow light
    SKU: A1.4113
  3. Bulb 6V 40/45W BA21D, headlight, yellow light
    SKU: A1.4110
  4. Bulb 12V 40/45W, 410, duplo headlight
    SKU: A1.4111
  5. Bulb 12V 55/60W, H4 halogen, headlight
    SKU: A1.4101
  6. Prism on the headlight housing old type Marchal.
    SKU: A1.8651
  7. Lightbulb set 12V 2CV, 410, yellow
    SKU: A1.4151
  8. Incandescent lamp set 6V Duplo
    SKU: A1.4152
  9. Lightbulb set 12V 2CV, 410, white
    SKU: A1.4150
  10. Bulb 12V 21/5W, Ba15d, rear- and brakelight AK400
    SKU: A1.4123
  11. Bulb 12V 5W, headlight/dashboard
    SKU: A1.4126
  12. Bulb 12V 5W, rear light 2CV
    SKU: A1.4125
  13. Bulb 12V 21W, Ba15s, indicator
    SKU: A1.4121
  14. Bulb 12V 21/5W Orange, Ba15d, rear- and brakelight AK400
    SKU: A1.4118
  15. Bulb 12V 21W Orange, Ba15s, indicator
    SKU: A1.4117
  16. Lamp sleeve yellow for H4 lamp
    SKU: A1.4155
  17. Bulb 12V 2W, Ba7s
    SKU: A1.4122
  18. Bulb 6V 40/45W P45t, 410, headlight
    SKU: A1.4109
  19. Bulb 6V 35/35W, white, old fitting
    SKU: A1.4108
  20. Bulb 12V 4W, headlights/dashboard
    SKU: A1.4127
  21. Bulb 12V 55/60W, HB12, headlight
    SKU: A1.4115
  22. Bulb 12V 5W, tube, 11x35mm
    SKU: A1.4132
  23. Bulb 12V 2W, dashboard warning lights
    SKU: A1.4130
  24. Bulb 12V 5W, tube, 42mm, licenseplate
    SKU: A1.4128
  25. Set of bulbes H4 for Burton white
    SKU: A2.5349
  26. Bulb socket for H4 light universal
    SKU: A1.8630
  27. Sleeve for instrument illumination, blue
    SKU: A1.4163
  28. Sleeve for instrument illumination, green
    SKU: A1.4162
  29. Sleeve for instrument illumination, yellow
    SKU: A1.4161
  30. Sleeve for instrument illumination, red
    SKU: A1.4160
Items 1-30 of 35 |