Indicator lamps

Just blink that light with our levers, brackets and other accessories. Of course the indicators and their glass for the 2CV, Burton, Dyane, HY and DS can also be found.

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  1. Chrome trim ring indicator/rear light, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.8545
  2. Indicator light relay 12V
    SKU: A1.8557
  3. Indicator bracket 2CV left stainless steel
    SKU: A1.8593
  4. Indicator bracket 2CV right stainless steel
    SKU: A1.8592
  5. Indicator light switch lever brown
    SKU: A1.6508
  6. Indicator light switch lever chrome
    SKU: A1.6507
  7. Indicator light switch gray 2CV, with warning buzzer
    SKU: A1.6505
  8. Indicator light switch black 2CV
    SKU: A1.6504
  9. Indicator light front 2CV right, black
    SKU: A1.8543
  10. Indicator light front 2CV left, black
    SKU: A1.8541
  11. Indicator light 2CV left front, grey
    SKU: A1.8559
  12. Indicator light 2CV right front, grey
    SKU: A1.8558
  13. Indicator light switch gray 2CV
    SKU: A1.6502
  14. Indicator light switch brown 2CV
    SKU: A1.6501
  15. Indicator light relay 6V, ->1970
    SKU: A1.8554
  16. Indicator licht Dyane right front
    SKU: A1.8549
  17. Indicator glass Dyane right front
    SKU: A1.8548
  18. Indicator light Dyane left front
    SKU: A1.8547
  19. Indicator glass Dyane left front
    SKU: A1.8546
  20. Indicator licht clear, Citroën HY/DS break
    SKU: A1.8542
  21. Indicator mounting cup 2CV black right
    SKU: A1.8590
  22. Indicator glass 2CV left/right front, clear
    SKU: A1.8556
  23. Indicator glass 2CV left/right front, orange
    SKU: A1.8555
  24. O-ring for indicator Burton front
    SKU: A2.5321
  25. Lighting set Burton
    SKU: A2.5300
  26. White glass for indicator Burton front
    SKU: A2.5326
  27. Interior for Burton front fender indicator light incl. sidelight
    SKU: A2.5322
  28. Indicator light 2CV or Burton, left or right
    SKU: A2.5315
  29. Indicator light left/right 2CV ->1970
    SKU: A1.8553
29 Items |

The indicator

Do certain parts of the indicator no longer function optimally? We have +25 articles available that can solve this! We already have an O-ring for the blinker for € 3,00! The indicator light from a car is of course very important. You use this part continuously during a car journey. Make sure it always works! Just blink that light with our levers, brackets and other accessories. Of course you can find the indicators and their glass for the 2CV, Burton, Dyane, HY and DS as well.

About the indicator light

When you turn a corner, or change lanes on the highway, use the blinker. But how does such an indicator light actually work? We all know that when you turn the blinker down, you turn left and vice versa. When the blinker is in the middle, no current is transmitted through the bimetal. When you do use the blinker, the lights are activated with current and start blinking.

Parts for the indicator light

We all know how annoying it is that you are waiting for a car to pass by but they eventually turn right without a blinker. Either that person is very lazy, or his blinker doesn't work anymore! If it is broken it is time to see what exactly goes wrong. Maybe there is only one part that doesn't work anymore? Then Burton 2CV Parts comes around the corner! We offer different kinds of parts for the turn signal that can help to get it working again.

We at Burton 2CV Parts specialize in everything related to the 2CV. We like to transfer this knowledge to the real fans. So if you have a question about a certain product, please feel free to contact us! Our assortment is huge so sometimes some help can come in handy. Some categories we offer in our assortment are:

  • Electrics
  • Rolling chassis