Do you want to shine with beautiful headlights on your 2CV, Méhari, Burton and other A-types? In our webshop you'll find something for everyone: chrome, plastic, round, square, duplicate, Valeo and more! Also the smaller parts and accessories, like reflectors and fine's, can be found on this page.

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  1. Connector and wiring headlight H4/Duplo
    SKU: A1.8589
  2. Headlight chrome H4 Valeo
    SKU: A1.8501
  3. Headlight reflector round 2CV, Duplo Valeo
    SKU: A1.8510
  4. Round aluminium trim for 2CV headlight, set of 2
    SKU: A1.8506
  5. Washer headlight adjustment chamfered
    SKU: A1.8587
  6. Spacer for headlight height adjuster 2CV, Ø10mm
    SKU: A1.8585
  7. Spring for headlight height adjuster 2CV
    SKU: A1.8584
  8. Headlight casing finger 2CV chrome, with spring
    SKU: A1.8512
  9. Headlight shell 2CV
    SKU: A1.8511
  10. Headlight shell 2CV, chrome
    SKU: A1.8509
  11. Headlight reflector round 2CV, old type.
    SKU: A1.8507
  12. Headlight reflector square 2CV Duplo
    SKU: A1.8504
  13. Headlight cap stainless steel
    SKU: A1.8503
  14. Prism on the headlight casing CIBIE
    SKU: A1.8655
  15. Prism on the headlight casing DUCELLIER
    SKU: A1.8650
  16. Rubber knob for vent flap and headlight adjuster 2CV/HY
    SKU: A1.8586
  17. Headlight bezel Dyane/Mehari, ->1978
    SKU: A1.8520
  18. Headlight bezel Dyane/Mehari, 1978->
    SKU: A1.8518
  19. Headlight reflector Dyane/Mehari left and right, 1978->
    SKU: A1.8517
  20. Headlight shell Dyane/Mehari plastic left/ right, 1978->
    SKU: A1.8516
  21. Headlight reflector Dyane/Mehari right, ->1978
    SKU: A1.8515
  22. Headlight reflector Dyane/Mehari left, ->1978
    SKU: A1.8514
  23. Headlight adjustment cable Cibie, Mehari/Dyane
    SKU: A1.8513
  24. Bulb socket for H4 light universal
    SKU: A1.8630
  25. Headlight AMI 8 and AMI 6
    SKU: A1.8625
  26. Bulb 6V 45/40W Duplo Bayonet White, headlight
    SKU: A1.4107
  27. Cable clamp uninsulated, 90 degree H4/duplo 7.9x0.75mm
    SKU: A5.5302
  28. Set of bracket for driving lights Hella
    SKU: A2.5381
  29. Driving light Hella Ø160mm
    SKU: A2.5380
  30. Headlight- and ignition coil bracket Burton
    SKU: A2.5310
Items 1-30 of 31 |