Be assured of good fuses in your 2CV or other Citroën A-type. From plug-in fuses to the original glass fuse box, you can find it in our webshop.  

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  1. Fuse box as original
    SKU: A1.2367
  2. Fuse box cover for glass fuses
    SKU: A1.2368
  3. Glass fuses range 120 pieces
    SKU: A1.4134
  4. Alternator fuse Ducellier
    SKU: A1.2313
  5. Glass fuse 30A
    SKU: A1.4139
  6. Glass fuse 20A
    SKU: A1.4138
  7. Glass fuse 15A
    SKU: A1.4137
  8. Glass fuse 10A
    SKU: A1.4136
  9. Glass fuse 5A
    SKU: A1.4135
  10. Fuse box universal 4 fuses
    SKU: A1.2370
  11. Fuse box universal 6 fuses
    SKU: A1.2371
  12. Fuse box universal 8 fuses
    SKU: A1.2372
  13. Fuse 30A
    SKU: A1.4144
  14. Fuse 25A
    SKU: A1.4143
  15. Fuse 20A
    SKU: A1.4142
  16. Fuse 15A
    SKU: A1.4141
  17. Fuse 10A
    SKU: A1.4140
  18. Fuse 40A
    SKU: A1.4145
  19. Plug fuse holder 2.5 mm², 1 mm², 12/24V, KKL 972 midi
    SKU: A5.5000
  20. Floating fuse with wire
    SKU: A1.2375
20 Items |