Cable harness

Want to play electrician? You can with our new wiring harness plug sets. Extra handy are the heat shrink tubes in 10 different colours so you no longer have to doubt which colour goes with which colour. Your old round plugs often have corrosion that you can polish off, but the plugs often bend, so replacing them with new ones is often a better option. At Burton, these are available as original plugs.

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  1. Connector Citroën 3mm female, like original.
    SKU: A5.5403
  2. Connector Citroën 3mm male, like original.
    SKU: A5.5402
  3. Connector Citroën 4mm female, like original.
    SKU: A5.5401
  4. Connector Citroën 4mm male, like original
    SKU: A5.5400
  5. Cable harness Burton
    SKU: A2.5345
  6. Cable loom Plug set 4 mm
    SKU: A5.5421
  7. Cable loom Plug set 3 mm
    SKU: A5.5420
  8. Insulation plugs wiring loom 3/4mm
    SKU: A5.5405
  9. Bullet female 1.5 - 2.5 mm², bleu 12/24V
    SKU: A5.5173
  10. Electricity wire 4mm black one meter
    SKU: A1.2850
  11. Electrical wire 2,5mm brown
    SKU: A1.2827
  12. Electrical wire 2,5mm blue
    SKU: A1.2826
  13. Electrical wire 2,5mm white
    SKU: A1.2825
  14. Electrical wire 2,5mm gray
    SKU: A1.2824
  15. Electrical wire 2,5mm black
    SKU: A1.2823
  16. Electrical wire 2,5mm red
    SKU: A1.2822
  17. Electrical wire 2,5mm green
    SKU: A1.2821
  18. Electrical wire 2,5mm yellow
    SKU: A1.2820
  19. Electrical wire 1,5mm brown
    SKU: A1.2817
  20. Electrical wire 1,0mm blue
    SKU: A1.2816
  21. Electrical wire 1,0mm white
    SKU: A1.2815
  22. Electrical wire 1,0mm gray
    SKU: A1.2814
  23. Electrical wire 1,5mm black
    SKU: A1.2813
  24. Electrical wire 1,5mm red
    SKU: A1.2812
  25. Electrical wire 1,5mm green
    SKU: A1.2811
  26. Electrical wire 1,5mm yellow
    SKU: A1.2810
  27. Electrical wire 1,0mm brown
    SKU: A1.2807
  28. Electrical wire 1,0mm blue
    SKU: A1.2806
  29. Electrical wire 1,0mm white
    SKU: A1.2805
  30. Electrical wire 1,0mm gray
    SKU: A1.2804
Items 1-30 of 37 |