Go for peak performance



Our motto is: "Every HP counts". A roaring 800 horsepower under the bonnet is not our thing, as we are more used to the 30 horsepower or so that takes us anywhere in the world. Under the motto "Every HP counts", we work to make every horsepower work as efficiently as possible, and sometimes we manage to find a few extra HP to help you get away from the traffic lights just that little bit faster. 

Burton has set up a room with a roller test bench in the overhaul department. In this room, we can measure the power, torque and exhaust emissions of your A-type with our measuring equipment. Based on this information, the engine can be adjusted correctly. This not only means that the car is tuned for maximum power, but also that it drives smoothly. It's important that the engine is in good working order. This includes the valve settings, a gas-tight exhaust and an airtight carburettor. When issues are found here, it's important that they are resolved first in order to achieve optimum measurements.

Personal appointment

Compared to club or monthly days, a personal appointment allows more time to adjust, diagnose and/or solve carburettor-related problems.



Monthly Dyno Day

On the first Saturday of each month, we have a roller test bench day. On this day, we can test 4 cars in the morning programme and 4 in the afternoon programme. The programme starts with a short briefing explaining the tuning process. After the briefing, the A-types are tested one by one and the mechanic explains the reasoning behind the adjustments that are made. Each car and engine assembly is unique, which makes for an instructive day full of different insights and results.

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Would you like to plan an outing with a group of friends or a club? It's possible to book a roller test bench package for a group at a more attractive rate. To make the day complete, we can recommend campsites, hotels and places to eat in the beautiful surroundings of Zutphen. Another possibility is a company tour, accompanied by lunch in the Burton café, should you wish. Send us an e-mail or call us to discuss the possibilities

Can you already hear the growl of the engine and smell the petrol through your monitor? Sign up now and who knows, you might end up looking at everyone in your rear-view mirror.


Dyno Club day 1 day, max 8 cars including the jets €800
Monthly Dyno day €125