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  1. Clutch kit diaphragm 1982->
    SKU: A1.3704
  2. Clutch kit diaphragm 1982-> Valeo
    SKU: A1.3700
  3. Clutch kit old type 1970->1982
    SKU: A1.3703
  4. Flywheel bolt Visa, 10.9 M9x28
    SKU: A1.4320
  5. Flywheel bolt 2CV, 10.9 M8x1x27
    SKU: A1.4319
  6. Clutch kit old type from 04/1966 to 02/1970
    SKU: A1.3752
  7. Clutch kit old type from 12/1955 to 04/1966
    SKU: A1.3751
  8. Clutch kit old type from 12/1955 to 04/1966
    SKU: A1.3750
  9. Clutch release bearing Valeo 2CV 1983->
    SKU: A1.3707
  10. Clutch release bearing diafragm 1982->
    SKU: A1.3706
  11. Clutch release bearing three fingers 1970->1982
    SKU: A1.3705
  12. Clutch plate centering tool
    SKU: A1.2765
  13. Bearing bush for clutch fork
    SKU: A1.3735
  14. Clutch fork return spring
    SKU: A1.3734
  15. Axle for clutch fork 2CV6
    SKU: A1.3733
  16. Clutch fork 1970->
    SKU: A1.3732
  17. Clutch fork ->1970
    SKU: A1.3730
  18. Light flywheel 2CV, for diafragm clutch, 1982->
    SKU: A1.4321
  19. Light flywheel 2CV, for three finger clutch, ->1982
    SKU: A1.4322
  20. Light flywheel Visa 652cc, for three finger clutch, ->1982
    SKU: A1.4326
  21. Light flywheel Visa 652cc, for diafragm clutch, 1982->
    SKU: A1.4325
  22. Clutch kit 1966->1970
    SKU: A1.3729
  23. Clutch cable old type Dyane/Acadiane
    SKU: A1.3318
  24. Nut for the bearing of centrifugal clutch
    SKU: A1.3755
24 Items |

The clutch

Is your 2CV clutch ready for replacement or do you just need a clutch cable? Then you've come to the right place! We have dozens of parts online that can help you! You can find these parts from € 2.50! These days, we're increasingly busy. Luckily we have a 2CV, Dyane or Méhari in which we can drive in without any hurry. It is a pity that other motorists then find themselves on the same roads and traffic jams occur. A consequence of the increasing traffic jams is that your clutch will also wear out faster. Luckily in the end that is no problem, because here you will find everything for both old and new type of clutch.

About the 2CV clutch

The clutch in a car is connected to the gearbox. The flywheel is attached to the engine. And against this flywheel the clutch plate is pressed, which is connected to the gearbox again. The pressure group that sits over this ensures that the clutch disc is firmly pressed against the flywheel with a strong tension. The pressure bearing ensures that you can shift gears by grabbing or releasing the clutch when the pedal is pressed!

2CV clutch replacement

The clutch of your 2CV can easily wear out in case of a wrongly set clutch cable. A clutch must compensate for the rotational speed of an engine and transmission. This can cause the clutch to slip and this of course causes wear and tear. Driving through places where you often have to shift gears like a city can also wear out your clutch. So it's important to maintain your clutch properly!

Questions about the 2CV power train

Do you still have urgent questions about the 2CV clutch, drive shaft or other parts of the driveline? We are happy to help you! Our specialist staff will try to speak to you as best they can. You can always send us an e-mail using the contact form, but you can also reach us by phone at +31(0)575-546055.