Rear brake

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  1. Rear brake cylinder LHM from 1983, ABS
    SKU: A1.5703
  2. Combination socket 44mm hubnut/wheelbearingnut 1/2" drive
    SKU: A1.2702
  3. Rear brake drum new Ø180mm, with SKF bearing
    SKU: A1.5872
  4. Brake drum rear new Ø180mm
    SKU: A1.5779
  5. Rear brake centering tool 2CV
    SKU: A1.2711
  6. Rear brake drum puller tool 2CV 3x160mm
    SKU: A1.2710
  7. Brake line assembly tool rear axle
    SKU: A1.2728
  8. Brake repair kit rear 2CV DOT4, 1973->1982
    SKU: A1.5889
  9. Brake repair kit rear 2CV LHM, 1981->
    SKU: A1.5888
  10. Brake lining set rear 2CV
    SKU: A1.5729
  11. Brake lining assembly set for rear drumbrakes
    SKU: A1.5726
  12. Rear brake cylinder DOT4 9x1,25 1972->
    SKU: A1.5768
  13. Rear brake cylinder DOT4 1973->1983 M8x1,25 17,5mm
    SKU: A1.5765
  14. Brake cilinder rear DOT4 ->1963 M10x100
    SKU: A1.5764
  15. Repair kit wheel brake cylinder rear, Citroen HY 1969->
    SKU: A1.5877
  16. Repair kit wheel brake cylinder rear, Citroen HY 1963->1968
    SKU: A1.5876
  17. Brake adjuster cam set, rear
    SKU: A1.5875
  18. Brake lining assembly set for rear brakes, without spring
    SKU: A1.5861
  19. Rear brake drum refurbished incl SKF wheel bearing
    SKU: A1.5816
  20. Bleeder screw M7x1, for Citroen
    SKU: A1.5799
  21. Bleed nipple screw on brake wheel cylinder
    SKU: A1.5792
  22. Brake shoe retaining spring
    SKU: A1.5789
  23. Brake shoe retaining plate
    SKU: A1.5786
  24. Brake shoe return spring rear
    SKU: A1.5785
  25. Flexible brake pipe rear 2CV, 310mm, 1966->
    SKU: A1.5783
  26. Flexible brake pipe rear 2CV/AMI6, 315mm, 1964->1966
    SKU: A1.5781
  27. Eccentric adsjuster for rear brake shoes
    SKU: A1.5776
  28. Overhaul kit brake-wheel cylinder rear LHM
    SKU: A1.5769
  29. Overhaul kit brake-wheel cylinder rear DOT4 17,5mm 1973>1978
    SKU: A1.5767
  30. Revision kit for wheelbrakecylinders back Dot4 1976->1978
    SKU: A1.5750
Items 1-30 of 34 |

Rear brakes

Is your 2CV ready for new rear brake parts? At Burton 2CV Parts we offer a range of +30 items! The fun part is: you can find these rear brake parts from as little as € 2,00! At Burton we often say "braking is fear", but we have to say that sometimes it's crucial. That's why on this page you'll find everything for the rear brakes; brake drums, bleed nipple and special tools for adjusting your brakes.

About the 2CV rear brakes

It may still happen that parts of the rear brakes wear out. If you notice that some 2CV rear brake parts are no longer working optimally, don't wait too long and try to replace them as soon as possible. Rear brakes are of course crucial when stopping your 2CV. Replacing worn parts in time ensures that your rear brakes lasts as long as possible. This way you can start driving with your 2CV again!

More than just rear brakes

We at Burton 2CV Parts offer much more for your 2CV than just rear brake parts. We try to provide you with all the necessary parts for your 2CV. In our webshop you will also find everything you need for:

  • Engine
  • Driveline
  • Interior
  • Exterior

Besides these parts we offer much more. This is just a small selection from our entire product range. You can easily and quickly order these products from us and we will deliver the articles as soon as possible to your home.

Questions about the 2CV rear brakes

Do you still have urgent questions about certain parts about rear brakes of the 2CV? Feel free to contact us. We specialize in everything for your 2CV and are happy to share this knowledge with you! You can mail us via the contact form, but you can also call us anytime! We will respond as soon as possible.