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  1. Handbrake pads set 2CV
    SKU: A1.5709
  2. Handbrake handle guide plate bulkhead 1967->
    SKU: A1.3333
  3. Handbrake handle guide under dashboard 1967->
    SKU: A1.3332
  4. Handbrake cable right 1981->
    SKU: A1.3327
  5. Handbrake cable left 1981->
    SKU: A1.3325
  6. Eccentric hand brake lever nut
    SKU: A1.3322
  7. Handbrake eccentric adjuster tool 24mm
    SKU: A1.2735
  8. Handbrake lever for disc brakes chassis mounted 2CV 1981->
    SKU: A1.3330
  9. Handbrake cable 2CV ->1981
    SKU: A1.3323
  10. Clamp for securing handbrake-pads right
    SKU: A1.5711
  11. Clamp for securing handbrake-pads left
    SKU: A1.5710
  12. Handbreak handle black
    SKU: A1.3338
  13. Stainless steel mounting plate Handbrake handle guide plate
    SKU: A1.3337
  14. Handbrake strip 2CV 175mm
    SKU: A1.3336
  15. Clevis pin handbrake lever 6x14mm
    SKU: A1.3335
  16. Clevis pin handbrake handle 6x22mm
    SKU: A1.3331
  17. Handbrake lever for drum brakes chassis mounted 2CV ->1981
    SKU: A1.3329
  18. Handbreak handle grey
    SKU: A1.3339
  19. Spring to tension hand brake cabel 1981->
    SKU: A1.3326
  20. Handbrake strip Burton 340mm
    SKU: A2.3740
  21. Wingnut for handbrake cable 2CV ->1981
    SKU: A1.3320
21 Items |

Hand brake

All parts needed for your 2CV handbrake can be found in our webshop! With an assortment of +20 items you will never be left empty-handed. You can find all these parts from € 2.75 in our webshop. When you park your Citroën A-type on a hill, it's best to have a good working hand brake. From handbrake cable and new handbrake pads for the 2CV to a locking pin. On this page you will find all kinds of handy parts.

About the handbrake

The handbrake ensures that your car cannot drive away when you are, for example, standing on a slope. Even when you park the car in front of the door, most people park the car with use of the handbrake. So the 2CV handbrake is an important part of your car. It is important to maintain the parts of your handbrake properly. When they are worn out, you have to replace them as soon as possible. At Burton 2CV Parts, you will find all the parts you need to replace them quickly and properly.

More than 2CV hand brake

Do you want to replace more parts than just the handbrake? No problem, with us you can find almost all parts for your 2CV. We are specialized in all parts for your 2CV. So besides the handbrake you can find many more important parts with us. Some of these parts are:

  • Engine
  • Drive line
  • Chassis

So take a quick look at our webshop to find many more parts!

Questions about the 2CV handbrake

Do you still have questions about parts for the 2CV handbrake? Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help you. You can reach us by sending an e-mail via our contact form, but you can also reach us by phone!