Brake lines

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  1. Brake line assembly tool rear axle
    SKU: A1.2728
  2. Brake line set LHM stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5734
  3. Brake line set DOT4 stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5743
  4. Brake pipe rubber 3,5 mm DOT4
    SKU: A1.5741
  5. Brake pipe rubber 3,5 mm LHM
    SKU: A1.5740
  6. Brake line wrench 8mm and 9mm
    SKU: A1.2737
  7. Brake line rear left side stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5739
  8. Brake line rear right side stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5738
  9. Brake line front->rear stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5737
  10. Brake line front LHM stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5735
  11. Brake line between calipers, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5733
  12. Brake pipe clamp for 4,5mm line, from plastic
    SKU: A1.5899
  13. Brake pipe clamp
    SKU: A1.5898
  14. Brake pipe nipple 3,5mm
    SKU: A1.5742
  15. Brake pipe set DOT4 copper/nickel, , 1970->1981
    SKU: A1.5801
  16. Banjo bolt for brake pipe 2CV, 27mm, M10x100
    SKU: A1.5851
  17. Brake pipe part, right front wheel cylinder, 2CV-> 06/1952
    SKU: A1.5821
  18. Brake pipe part, left front wheel cylinder, 2CV ->06/1952
    SKU: A1.5820
  19. Brake pipe for front drum brake right
    SKU: A1.5809
  20. Brake pipe for front drum brake left
    SKU: A1.5808
  21. Brake pipe, master cylinder to rear axle, copper/nickel
    SKU: A1.5803
  22. Bleeder screw M10x1, for Citroen 2CV
    SKU: A1.5797
  23. Hydraulic line handles M6 for 3,5mm line
    SKU: A1.5747
  24. Hydraulic line handles M5 for 3,5mm line
    SKU: A1.5746
  25. Connection piece straight forbrake pipe 3,5 mm
    SKU: A1.5745
  26. Foam grommet for cables and brakelines
    SKU: A1.5744
  27. Brake pipe seal, 4,5mm DOT4
    SKU: A1.5832
  28. Brake pipe seal, 4,5mm LHM
    SKU: A1.5831
  29. Brake hose bracket, right rear, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5871
  30. Brake hose bracket, left rear, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5870
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Brake lines

Are you looking for new parts for your brake lines? We have a huge range of parts that you can find from € 0.61! Where the first 2CV models had a brake hoses, the somewhat newer models got a copper pipe. At Burton 2CV Parts you will find all the different models and the LHM pipe set is available in both copper/nickel and stainless steel. But also for the smaller parts such as the banjo bolt, bleed nipple and a brake hose connector you're at the right place.

As well as the 2CV brake lines we offer many more parts. In our web shop you will also find everything for the engine, interior, exterior and many more!

About the brake lines

The brake hose is a part filled with brake fluid. This is a metal or plastic tube. This 2CV brake lines run from the master brake cylinder to the wheel cylinders. When your 2CV brake lines are worn, it can cause problems such as cracks in the brake lines. Then, of course, it's no longer safe. So make sure you replace worn parts of your 2CV brake lines quickly. These may be signs of brake line failure:

  • When the brake fluid is leaking
  • When the brake warning light is on
  • When you find corrosion on the brake lines

Questions about the 2CV brake lines

Are there any parts of your 2CV that you have questions about? At Burton 2CV Parts we are specialized in everything for your 2CV. So we are happy to help you! Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or via our contact form. The telephone number where you can reach us is +31(0)575-546055.


It is important that you maintain the 2CV brake lines properly. This way you can enjoy your 2CV for a longer period. The 2CV is a unique car and the whole world can see that you have this beautiful car. So order all the parts for your 2CV easily and safely online in our webshop and you can shift those gears on the road again!