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  1. Brake line assembly tool rear axle
    SKU: A1.2728
  2. Brake repair kit front 2CV6 LHM 1983->
    SKU: A1.5749
  3. Handbrake strip Burton 340mm
    SKU: A2.3740
  4. Brake pipe clamp for 4,5mm line, from plastic
    SKU: A1.5899
  5. Brake pipe clamp
    SKU: A1.5898
  6. Brake Pipe / hydraulic line 4,5mm, per meter, copper/nickel
    SKU: A1.5897
  7. Brake pipe/hydraulic line 3,5mm, per meter, copper/nickel
    SKU: A1.5896
  8. Copper washer, 16x22x1,5mm, brake fluid reservoir
    SKU: A1.5894
  9. Seal for the master cylinder in bulkhead 2CV
    SKU: A1.5893
  10. Brake repair kit rear 2CV DOT4, 1973->1982
    SKU: A1.5889
  11. Brake repair kit rear 2CV LHM, 1981->
    SKU: A1.5888
  12. Brake line connector for 3.5mm brake line.
    SKU: A1.5887
  13. Brake line connector for 4.5mm brake line
    SKU: A1.5886
  14. Cooling shroud set brake disc 2CV
    SKU: A1.5885
  15. Brake caliper AMI reconditioned, left or right
    SKU: A1.5884
  16. Master brake cylinder repair set, for Citroen HY 1963->1968
    SKU: A1.5883
  17. Seal copper brake hose, M13x18x1mm
    SKU: A1.5882
  18. Copper washer, 14x18x1,5mm, brake hose
    SKU: A1.5881
  19. Copper washer, 10x16x1mm, brake hose
    SKU: A1.5880
  20. Repair kit brake caliper Visa/LNA 1979->
    SKU: A1.5879
  21. Repair kit brake caliper Visa/LNA ->1978
    SKU: A1.5878
  22. Repair kit wheel brake cylinder rear, Citroen HY 1969->
    SKU: A1.5877
  23. Repair kit wheel brake cylinder rear, Citroen HY 1963->1968
    SKU: A1.5876
  24. Brake adjuster cam set, rear
    SKU: A1.5875
  25. Brake hose Citroen LN 602cc, LNA 652cc 1982->1988
    SKU: A1.5874
  26. Brake hose Citroen LN 602cc, LNA 652cc 1976 ->1988
    SKU: A1.5873
  27. Rear brake drum new Ø180mm, with SKF bearing
    SKU: A1.5872
  28. Brake hose bracket, right rear, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5871
  29. Brake hose bracket, left rear, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.5870
  30. Brake pipe union, 3-way, front, 9mm, ->1970
    SKU: A1.5866
Items 1-30 of 163 |


Do you need new parts for your 2CV brakes? That's no problem for us! We have +170 parts available! You can find these parts in our webshop from € 0.61! Brakes are of course very important parts of a car. We don't want to know what would happen if they weren't all working properly. That's why we want to insist that you replace parts as soon as possible when they start to wear out. For the 2CV enthusiasts who want to do this themselves, we have all the necessities in our shop!

Over 2CV braking

  • Master brake cylinder
  • Brake lines
  • Hand brakes
  • Front brakes

Besides these types of brakes we have a lot more online, so take a look and be surprised!

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Do you still have questions about certain parts? Then feel free to contact us. This can of course be done by e-mail in our contact form, but you can also contact us by phone. You can reach us at +31(0)575-546055. We will then help you with all your questions.

The 2CV is a car you can be proud of and the world can see that! So make sure the car gets the best maintenance so you can use it on the road again. All parts can be found online in our webshop. You also have the right to return it within 30 days if you have ordered for example, the wrong 2CV brake part!